Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Central Park

Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Central Park

As much as I like to photograph arches, signs, churches, food, et-cetera; honest, my favorite subject is people. That’s it folks, I’ve said it aloud: I like to photograph people’s interactions like Kids Enjoying Ice Cream, Ice Cream Row, The Heigh Scale on Calle del Arco and Contemplating the Heavy Rain; just to name a few shots at random.

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.” —Pradip

“I love walking in the rain, ’cause then no-one knows I’m crying.” —Pradip

Rain brings other photo opportunities to La Antigua Guatemala; gotta love it!

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  • Great photos-really let’s us get the feel of the place.

  • Are those tourist taking a picture of you…??

  • Javier, I believe these tourists were taking photos of the crazy person who takes out the tripod to photograph them under the rain… Come on, who, in the right mind, would take photos of such street scene under the rain when there are so many churches and indigenous people to snap at, right?

  • MO

    Everyone in the picture looks so happy. Happy that they found a dry place to take cover from the rain. Happy that they have a crazy person with a tripod and camera getting all wet to entertain them. Happy that they are in La Antigua!

  • catherine & John

    Opportunities abound here in rainy Portland, Oregon! Actually, it is 90 degrees and dry here for today – must be our one day of summer! Guess you all in Antigua got our rain.

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