The French are Coming!

The French are Coming!

Did I miss a fútbol (Soccer) game today, or what? I know Bistrot Cinq is a French bistro on 4a calle oriente in La Antigua Guatemala, but what’s with the French flag?

I am sure they left the ladder next to the flag so it is easier to put it down. No big signs or flags are allowed to hang from the walls of La Antigua Guatemala. That’s even true for Guatemalan flags, except for the Independence Month.

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  • Very nice portrait of a building.

  • Is it really prohibited to hang flags on walls in Antigua? Is there a particular reason for it? I think at least people should be allowed to fly the flag of Guatemala outside their house — it shows pride and honor for your country.

    I wonder why the owner of this building has chosen a French flag — are there a lot of French people in Antigua? Personally, I am always intrigued by the diversity of the population in the cities I visit overseas.

  • Manolo

    Pues July 14th (next Monday) is France national day (Bastille Day ou quelque chose comme ça). So it could be that the house will become “party central” for the locals with “French connections”. Although seeing the flag that way it even looks a bit like the Dutch flag.

    Ya estoy en Guate Rudy. Te pego una llamada para ver como esta tu horario la proxima semana entre semana.

  • Edgar

    Creo que es una muy buena regulación para mantener la integridad de la ciudad, si no estaría como la capital…