Learning the Tricks of the Guatemalan Textile

Learning the Tricks of the Guatemalan Textile

It looks like both teacher and student were having a great time while learning to weave the Guatemalan textile using the back-strapped loom.

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  • A lovely portrait art teacher and student. Handmade goods are a dying art.

  • Ale

    I just found your blog and just love it! Someday when I go back to Guate, I want to take a weaving class.

  • I would love to take a weaving class in Guatemala. It seems like such a wonderful art to learn, and the textiles are always so beautifully, intricately designed. I like how it is so characteristic of many countries in Latin America to wear what the teacher is wearing in this picture — I found a lot of textile blankets and sweatshirts in souvenir shops in Mexico, so I imagine they can be found in La Antigua and other places in Latin America.

  • @Ale, I am sure there are people teaching weaving the Guatemalan textile in town.

    @Jeff, there you go… that’s another idea for you to explore, beside the Spanish-language schools.