Room for Rent, Ring Bell 1

Room for Rent, Ring Bell 1

I guess we can continue a mini series of signs… here’s the most common sign seen in La Antigua Guatemala. Sometimes you come across the lonely sign, but most often they gang up together on bulletin boards around Antigua. Bulletin board advertising is quite popular in La Antigua Guatemala as you can see in this picture.

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  • Manolo

    This sign is so high-tech I am amazed. On other notes, my mom was telling me today about some incident involving Mi Muni (Guate-city municipal government)taking down billboards that were considered annoying on a residential zone (zone 15 I believe). City Hall had filed a complain with some sort of court, but decided to remove the visual pollution before the court had ruled either way.
    Manolo RE, LAGPD, Guate-City.

  • We need more of this in Hobart, too many people and not enough houses! If people would take in boarders, problem solved. Unfortunately there is no culture of this here.

  • MO

    Where is Hobart?

  • Luis

    Does anyone know what the average rent is for a room in Antigua? Ive been there many times, but would like to spend a month in antigua alone, for the experience.