Good Fortune and Abundance Guatemalan Owls

Good Fortune and Abundance Guatemalan Owls

You already know that tecolotes (owls) represent Luck, Prosperity and Abundance in Guatemala. You also know that in Guatemala you get ceramic owl banks instead of piggy banks; although you can also get piggy banks. Furthermore, you know can take a look at a huge collection of 100-hundred-year-old owls at Doña Marí­a Gordillo Candy Store. Owls even come as garden ornaments.

But, did you know you can take the good luck, prosperity and abundance home in the shape of these tiny 3″x1.5″ owls for about Q7 a piece if you visit the main plaza in San Felipe, a village about 1 kilometer away from La Antigua Guatemala. That’s what we did today and now these fellas are home with us. 🙂 Now, if you get in touch with Damara, a Guatemalan industrial designer, you can take home some original owls wooden designs (Tecolote tableware collection).

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  • Like the little buddha’s from China are considered as symbols of prsperity …. owls and interesting take.

  • Tecolotes!! Prosperity and anbundace just for Q.7.00 sounds great!! Thanks for the free advertising! this was totally unexpected and nice!! 🙂

  • Manolo

    I have always taken tecolotes as symbols of wisdom, I guess financial wisdom is ok as well.

  • I didn’t knew that thing about the owls .Its good to know cos in my house we got plenty of them 😀

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  • Gabriela

    I am from Guatemala and yes us as kids we have them as piggy banks! It is kind of weird for us that in other places they have pigs instead of owls!