Hanging Chairs in La Antigua Guatemala

Hanging Chairs in La Antigua Guatemala

What an unusual assortment of small chairs. Certainly, you would say, these chairs are not for adults, right?

Well, if you browse through the archives of La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo for the month of July 2008, you will find a tiny chair being used by a large person. Once you do find the photo, come back here and let us know what date it was and what was the photo about.

The hunt is on!

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  • Stephanie

    This is an intriguing image! Where is this wall of chairs? And why are they hanging on the wall?

    I love how the shadows are almost non-existent in the upper right corner, but increase in intensity as you move to the lower left corner. I just wish the lighting was such that the contrast/progression was even clearer. But I don’t know where the light would need to be to achieve that.

  • MO

    Hanging chair on the wall always spook me. I always envison dead people sitting on them levitating. I think I once had a dream (nightmare) about floating chairs. Very freaky picture….but i like it.

  • MO

    Hanging chairs on a wall only works if you have high ceilings.

    If you’re going to hang chairs on a wall make sure they are high enough so that when your drunks friends come over to your apartment/house they don’t try to sit on them and take a nasty fall. Not only will they break their butts…they will damage the chairs and walls. LOL!