Typical Façade of La Antigua Guatemala

Typical Façade of La Antigua Guatemala

And just like that, July left the frame… Oh Cazuza, how right you were… Time doesn’t stop!

Okay, the last game for July 2008. Tells us what the sign says… the answer is in the archives for July of La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo.

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  • “Room for rent Ring bell 1” 🙂

  • Oops, I forgot to say – it’s from Wednesday, July 16th, 2008 😉

  • Love this photo and your clever caption. THis wall looks very much like
    my Theme Day photo’s wall! Great photo.

  • Ale

    I tried to paint my bathroom the color of the facade. BUT let me tell you, there’s quite a difference between what’s in your mind and the color chip I selected. Boy, was it bright in there. It was really, really orange, not nicely faded like that. We decided not to go w/ it b/c of the odd glow. If you had posted this picture a few months ago (haha), then my bathroom would have that color. 🙂