Casa de los Pasos in Antigua

Casa de los Pasos in Antigua

This façade belongs to self-titled Casa de los Paso on Calle de los Pasos (Street of the Steps). You can see several elements of the Antigüeño Architectonic style, such as the ivy covering the wall, the old wooden door, lamp, doorbell or intercom, the broken-show-me-your-guts façade; that’s it, simple isn’t it?

Do you know why this calle is called La Calle de los Pasos?

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  • MO

    Fabulous shot! Love the ivy, the lamp, the door, the long legs.

  • coltrane_lives

    Besides the long legs, I like the “broken-show-me-your-guts facade” too. 😉

  • ramona

    Wonderful site! in translation: “I’ve been spending too much time online/on s aite, don’t remember how i got there”


  • martin

    It’s called ‘Calle de los Pasos’ because along its route between one cathedral and another there are several gates, each one of which represents one of the twelve stations of the cross ( – I stayed at a place on this street in ’93. Wouldn’t be surprised if it your photo is of the same place!