Narrow Arched-doorway in Antigua

Narrow Arch-doorway in Antigua

Sure, La Antigua Guatemala is a nearly-quincentennial city and you may be inclined to believe after some strolls around Antigua that nothing has changed since 1773. Wrong, La Antigua Guatemala is alive and healthy and nearly everyday something changes and the more often you walk around Antigua the more often you notice things that weren’t there yesterday or this morning. Such is the case of this arch-doorway, which is new to me and to my recent memory of 5a calle oriente. The same thing happens with businesses: they open and close doors at such a rate that sometimes creates vertigo.

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  • sompopo

    After looking at this picture for awhile I finally noticed there is an arched doorway there. 🙂

  • Jorge Morales

    What arched doorway? Send me her phone number.

  • MO

    Sompopo, What you meant to say was that after looking at the lovely señorita for a long while you finally realized there was an arched doorway!?!. I like the painted bricks stones around the doorway. Very ingenious and very realistic looking paint job.

  • Good photo. I like the doorway, but the best of the photo is the expression of the girl.

  • Don B

    This makes two photos in a row of people talking on cell-phones. Is there a trend developing?

  • MO

    She’s calling the “Privacy Police” to report some guy taking snap shots of unsuspecting people. Her expression is of someone who has been told that if the guy taking the snap shots is named Rudy that she should (((*smile*))) because her picture will be viewed by thousands of people around this lovely planet.

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