The Basic Color Palette from Antigua

The Basic Color Palette from Antigua

Here’s one more entry to feed the Color palette category. You can see red, green, blue, and black… ah, let’s see what event starting tomorrow will be using those colors plus yellow?

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  • Katrina

    I just arrived home after a month in Antigua and I miss the colors already… also the fact that it seems there is a volcano at the “end” of every street.

  • That is a vivid red, even I can tell it is red.

  • erica

    awesome picture rudy, i especially love the dark clouds in the background!

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  • Randy

    Thank you for a nice new desktop background on my PC!

  • @Katrina, it was good to have met you. Good luck with the Pacayas in your life. 😉

    @Gerald, being color-blind, what color do you see instead of the bright red?

    @Erica, I once said I had to stop complaining about the rainy season and its washed grey-white skies… let’s see if you can find the entry where I said that.

    @Randy, you’re welcome to help yourself with the other wallpapers.