Wear it with Pride (Part 4)

Wear it with Pride (Part 4)

I know that Guatemalan Danzas and Bailes Tradicionales are an integral part of the folklore and culture of Guatemala, but I must admit I know very little about them. These traditional dances are so important that many people are documenting, writing and publishing books about them. I happen to know one of them and next time Joel E. Brown, Ph. D. visits Guatemala I will ask him all about them.

In the mean time, please, share with the rest of us whatever you know about these traditional Guatemalan dances.

Here are some words that are part of the vocabulary of Guatemalan Traditional Dances: Rituales y fiestas, trajes y máscaras, Coreologí­a popular and coreografí­as, Morerí­as y mascareros, danza del venado, De toritos, La Conquista, El Rabinal Achí­, Los 24 Diablos, Danza de los mexicanos, Danza de los negritos, Baile de los gigantes, La Paach, et-cetera. We begin by defining or telling what you know about any of those words.

Wear it with Pride (Part 4b)

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  • Don B

    What do I know about these words? I think I can translate most of them to English….

    Rituales y fiestas (rituals and festivals), trajes y mascaras (costumes and masks), coreologia popular and coreografia (???popular choral-type music??? and choreography), morerias y mascareros (??moorish things and mask-makers??), dance of the deer, of little bulls, of the conquest, El Rabinal Achi (a Jewish Rabbi named Achi??), 24 devils, Mexicans, little Negros, giants….?Paach?

  • emromesco

    LMAO Don!!! I guess the ones you couldn’t translate weren’t Spanish at all, but I love the idea of the Rabbi. I have no clue what the Paach is… but I now the Paabanc, which is a Maya Kekchi suite.

  • I absolutely love marimba ! I have an assortment of these so called unsophisticated instruments in my home, including Japanese bamboo or Shakahatchi flute and rain stick, etc. I love tinkering with them, I have no real marimba yet, with gourds but would love to have one. I enjoyed the concert.

  • I happen to run a business dedicated to the fine arts crafts from Guatemala and also know Mr. Brown very well. Should you be interested in learn more about the masks, please go to here, where a short paper was published to help understanding the beautiful world of Guatemalan Rituals. By the way I am located in the 4th Avenue South # 11 in beautiful Antigua and I am an avid reader of your blog. Congratulations!