Play it with Pride (Part II)

Grupo Maya Kaqchikel

Play it and wear it with pride, I am sure, is the advice this father tells his sons.

Did I mention resilience as one of the qualities of the indigenous people of Guatemala? What do you think, am I wrong?

These indigenous musicians appeared before in LAGDP, can you tell me when?

VIDEO UPDATE: Thanks to emromesco for sharing a video of this trio of Guatemalan marimba musicians.

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  • Stephanie

    I think “resilience” is a great word! A book you might want to check out that illustrates with picture and word the resilience of Mayan women is “Voces E Imagenes: Mujeres Maya Ixiles de Chajul / Voices and Images: Mayan Ixil Women of Chajul” by Asociacion de la Mujer Maya Ixil. It’s available in both the US and Guatemala, although I don’t know the Guatemalan distributor. It’s a “photovoice” project that was done over a period of years in Chajul. The women’s photos, drawings, and narratives are powerful testaments to their community’s resilience.

  • Found some Marimba albums from Guatemala for sale.

  • emromesco

    I actually saw this trio on my recent visit to LAG. They provide a nice and appropriate soundtrack to walking on the cobblestone streets of Santiago.

  • Delightful! I love the look on the face of the little cutie-pie on the left. As we can see in emromesco’s video, he’s quite a percussionist! I also like how Manolo panned around to show some of the nearby architectural details. Very nice work, guys!

  • Luis Samayoa

    Visit this website with lots of informacion about the marimba. You could even listen to some marimba music.

    The web site was opened this year and few people know about it. Don’t miss it if you want to know about the guatemalan marimbas.

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  • Ale

    Very nice video and picture.