Play it with Pride (Part IV)

What Did You Say?

Hey, what did you say about us?

With this one-of-kind humorous image I wave goodbye to the Wear it and Play it with Pride series. I hope you have enjoy the series and have a little better understanding of the indigenous people of Guatemala. I know I do.

Please, share all your comments, opinions and refutals here. Touché!

© 2008 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Ale

    He’s very intense! I have enjoyed this series and seeing the different trajes.

  • stephanie lozano

    thats so cute……

  • aaron

    I am going to be in antigua for the next two months. I was curious as to what cell phone service gets the best calling rate. I have a GSM phone that can be used with any GSM network. thanks for your help. I follow your blog everyday. I have been to antigua many times in the past and I just love being there.

  • Catherine

    Rudy, thanks so much for the series. I love seeing the beautiful clothing – makes the US seem so boring…

  • Hola amigo! Estoy visitando su blog, incluso muy bello, perfecto … Tiene una buena noche. Visita mi en cualquier momento

  • Precious. And I love the photo from the day before as well.