Dome of San Francisco El Grande Church

Dome of San Francisco El Grande Church

Normally, the cathedral is the most important church in a town, but in La Antigua Guatemala, a colonial town full with so many churches, the San Francisco El Grande Church has to be the most important of all. Can you guess why?

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  • Don B

    Because of Hermano Pedro!

  • Jerry T

    My guesses would be the sheer size of it and the fact that Father Pedro Hermano Betancourt is buried there. (I hope I got the name of the only Saint from Guatemala correct).

  • MaggieD

    Rudy – I saw your friend Nelo walking down the street on one of my recent trips to your town. “Drop dead gorgeous” is the phrase we’d use around here (a very high compliment)! 🙂

  • ro

    I lived in Antigua for a long time in fact my family still lives there and I always thought that La Merced was the most important church. At the same time I was inside San Francisco Church when his remains where moved to the new resting place, very emotional and solemn. Thank you for the photos!!

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