Façade of Church of San Pedro

Façade of Church of San Pedro

It’s amazing what a paint job can do. The façade above belongs to the Church of San Pedro, which is the church for the Las Obras del Hermano Pedro Hospital. Well, if you go back in time to November 25th, 2007 and look at the same façade in the background of Marimba Chicken Bus and Church of San Pedro, you will know what I mean about the paint job.

Can anybody explain the relevance of Las Obras del Hermano Pedro Hospital?

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  • I see what you mean about the paint job. It’s beauty is so much more obvious now!

  • I see what you mean about the paint job. Its beauty is so much more obvious now!

  • Catherine

    Las Obras del Hermano Pedro Hospital has lots of significance to the many medical teams that devote a week coming to Guatemala to perform surgeries. Our team of 37 has members from 15 different states in the USA. We come with a group called faith in practice. The “Oregon team” came last May and performed 80 surgeries in 4 days – and we plan to come again next May. La Antigua daily photo is how we all learned to love your beautiful city – even before we arrived. Rudy was gracious enough to visit our team and tell us more about Guatemala. Thanks for the picture and your work Rudy – Oregon loves you and the people of Guatemala.

  • Jerry T

    I suppose the hospital name has something to do with the fact that Hermano Pedro was considered a healer. We have photos of this church that were taken on my 2nd visit to Antigua. We did not have a clue what the significance was, until much later, but thought it was a beautiful little church.

  • very good architecture and yes the painting has done justice when compared to its old picture.
    Its an inviting weblog about your city ….. feel like travelling there.

  • I love this beautiful building, it reminds me of the short time I spent in Antigua and for me really sums up the town.

  • erica

    wow… very nice color!

  • Ale

    How did I miss this post? The color of the church is just beautiful. It’s really great to see the country or church really taking care of it. It’s a matter of cultural pride. 🙂

  • @Catherine, thanks for taking the time to explain the much-needed and wonderful work your organization does once a year at Las Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro Hospital.