What Was the Old Man Thinking?

Muebles Landí­var Doorway

I wonder what was going through the old man’s mind while watching the young tourist with flip flops (thongs) and short shorts.

Was he thinking I would never let my granddaughter go out dressing like that or was he wondering if those sandals, which are all the rage right now, are really comfy. What do you think?

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  • Eric

    Wow, Rudy, I don’t know about this one. When I lived near Orlando, Florida, we would look at the tourists and sigh. We didn’t want them overrunning our city, but we needed the money they spent. Maybe the old man is thinking the same thing ?

    I find flip-flops (and thongs of either type – jajaja) uncomfortable, but a good pair of sandals works well for me when I’m in Guate. I’m afraid that although mi corazon es un poquito chapin, mi cuerpo es estadounidense. I save the socks and shoes for visits to the cathedrals !

  • Are thongs considered inappropriate? I understand the short skirts etc, but not the footwear.

    Maybe he’s mulling on Guatemala’s Olympic performance?

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  • @Eric, I don’t wear flip flops, but I wear sandals as often as I can.

    @Kris, actually there is nothing wrong with thongs; it’s just interesting that a great number of young tourists are wearing them. If I follow the Guatemala’s performance in sports, I would be mulling permanently like the old man. 🙁

  • El’hUgo Espinoza

    Vos Rudy, que curioso. Fijate que ese se/or que esta en esa foto, era conocido como Don Cheyo, una de sus hijas es una de las mejores amigas de Mayra, mi esposa. Si no estoy mal creo que fue el a/o pasado que fallecio.