3D Stereo Photos of La Antigua Guatemala

Taking 3D Stereo Photos of La Antigua Guatemala

Here I was walking around Antigua with a smile on my face mulling about how lucky I was to be able to share my printed photos with more people (really, how lucky of me to have other people hang my photos in their home or office.) then out nowhere I saw a fellow photographer with not one, but two cameras exactly like mine.

I could not resist and I started to stalk this poor fella for about half of block (between the Muni and Museo del Libro Antiguo) trying to figure out why he needed two cameras, was he not confident that one camera could do the job? Well, my curiosity won me over and finally I approached the photographer and asked why he was taken photos with two identical cameras. He was very kind and slowly he explained to me how by taken two photos at the same time with a remote shutter he was able to create 3D photos or stereo photographs.

I was able to give the photographer one of my cards, but I was not able to get his name or email address. I hope that he will visit the La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo and share with us his 3D catches. You need a special “crossed-eye” technique to view the stereo photographs though.

Have you ever seen 3D photographs?

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  • Ale

    Yes, I have seen many, many of them in my profession. Stereographs were extremely popular back when phototgraphy was just invented. Back then you needed a special viewing device to look at them.

    Here is some info from the Library of Congress:

  • Eric

    Yes, I had a stereo viewer and several old black-and-white photo cards. Unfortunately, it was misplaced when I changed apartments. I should look in my local antiques shop and find a replacement. If anyone can find one, you should – you will love it.

    Thanks again for all your efforts, Rudy. Donation to your hosting bills is coming soon – won’t be much this time, only because I will be traveling to La Antigua next month, and I need money for all the comida Antiguena I have to eat, thanks to your photos. But the donation is on its way, promise.

  • Yes, like Ale, the ones I’m familiar with are those from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I didn’t know anyone made them anymore. It seems like using a viewer would be a little easier, and more pleasurable, than relaxing the gaze to allow the pictures to merge into a soft focus. Of all the places I can think of, Antigua would indeed be an ideal place to make stereographs, they really enhance images of beautiful locations.
    Thanks, Rudy, for another fun & educational post – and that black and white / color technique is soooo cool!

  • John


    Great photo—I would think a couple of days in La Antigua would bring the color back into his cheeks!

  • Thomas Wheeler

    Rudy In all my born days have I ever seen two cameras produce stereo photos
    This is something else . I wish I could send you a photo that made world
    history of me in Antigua last March. I by remote control turned on a radio
    station located in Wisconsin I was a net control for two Saturdays March 8th
    and March 12th I have the news story to go with the picture Only I have to
    have a way to send it to you . Next time I’m down there we will have to
    sit down and talk Sincerely Thomas

  • That was really interesting, As a photographer it would be wonderful to run into a fellow one and discuss what we were doing. Never used one of these myself though. ve the portrait shot.