Mermaids Fountain at Central Park

Mermaids Fountain at Central Park

By this coming weekend, the area around this fountain will be so crowded that you won’t be able to see the fountain. You can browse the archives for 2006 and 2007 to find out why there will be so many people around La Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park.

I hope you enjoy the trip back to the past!

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  • Eric

    Hmmm, maybe it is because of the Independence Day celebrations ? I was in Guate City last year on the 15 de septiembre, y que increible ! 4 hours worth of parade – almost entirely percussion – and that was only the first parade of the day.

    I won’t be in La Antigua for another three weeks, so have a Moza for me, eh ?

  • Jerry T

    They will either be celebrating Guatemalan Independence or Rudy’s birthday! I wish I was in Guatemala now… I hope your birthday (tomorrow) is a great one. Keep up the good work.

  • Independence Day is so much fun in the U.S., but I can’t quite imagine how much fun it would be in other countries such as Guatemala or Mexico. In the U.S. the festivities are pretty much concentrated around fireworks and barbecuing. It’s a time to get together with friends and family and enjoy the freedoms of being united as a nation.

    What kinds of festivities are planned for Guatemala’s Independence Day in Antigua? I would love to see some photos of the day’s events in La Antigua. Que lo disfrute!

  • Gina

    Lovely Photo, I took one just like that last week.
    Can’t believe it has been a whole week since we had lunch!
    Hope your Photo Exhibition is going well.


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  • @Jerry T, it’s my wish for you to have had a wonderful birthday. You know that I know what you know.

    @Gina, it was my pleasure.

    @Jeff, see tomorrow’s entry for some answers.

    @Eric, you’re so hot, you’re almost burning.

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