Traditional Guatemalan Cuisine Sampler

Traditional Guatemalan Cuisine Sampler

First of all, click the play button below. It’s the sound track for this entry.

It’s been a while since I presented you with a Guatemalan cuisine sampler, right? To be exact, it was February 19th, 2007 (go check it out).

We will have a little fun with this Guatemalan food sampler photo. ONE: Tell us how many of these dishes you have had. TWO: Name as many of the dishes above as you can recognize. THREE: Share with us the recipes for any of the dishes above. Simple, eh?

I am such a nice guy I am going to make this image available as a desktop wallpaper (1200×900) download for those sadomasochists Guatemalans living abroad or those brave enough to put it up on their computers.

Antojitos Soundtrack Aside: Antojitos (cravings) is the second track from a compilation of Guatemalan electronic music known as Democracia Sonora (click the link to download it). Last time I shared with you a track from this compilation was for the Chicken Bus and Driver’s Assistant entry with Zacatenango; a track with samplings of the many different call outs from the chicken buses. Antojitos, by Gabriel Quezada, is song with a similar approach of samplings of Guatemalan street food call outs. I hope you like it and download this wonderful and unique collection of Guatemalan electronic-genre music.

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  • Oh man, that looks good.

  • Eric

    Rudy, que haces ? Less than two weeks until I get to La Antigua, and you’re making me wish I was there already !
    I think I see rellenos – is it ‘platanos rellenos’? no estoy cierto – mi amiga de Totonicapan makes these, and I eat them by the dozen. As for the rest, do I care ? With Guatemalan cuisine, I can’t go wrong (other than that hamburguesa in the Plaza Mayor en Ciudad last year … que malo!). Nice tunes, as well !

  • Claudia

    I see tacos, chiles rellenos, picado de rabano, curtido, guacamol, chiles rellenos, longanizas, and fiambre?

  • Herber

    curtido, salpicon, rellenitos, chiles rellenos, tacos, longanizas, mole, y no estoy seguro si ensalada rusa o arroz a la valenciana? Todo muy rico 🙂

  • Ale

    Why don’t you just pack some of that up and send it up here? Mmmm… taquitos, curtido, chorizos, envueltos en huevos?, y muchas mas comidas deliciosas. Makes me wish I could take a little trip down, just for all the food.

  • Raquel

    mmmm…the food looks fantastic and I would definately love one of those chiles rellenos right now, but personally, I think the song was also amazing. Love the idea of giving this foto a soundtrack. It fit perfectly.

  • erica

    all that food looks really good , minus the meat – sorry, i’m veg ;0)

  • erica

    the song is pretty cool too

  • Visually attractive —> looks so delicious! I’d love to try those foods!

  • wendolina

    chiles rellenos ,jocon,taqiutos,pepian,etc yo quiciera estar
    por alla ,gracias por este gusto visual.

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  • susanita

    Last saturday I hosted a Baby shower here in Los Angeles and served…..Taquitos with curtido salsa y queso, also dobladitas de pollo, rellinitos de frijoles and some with custard? tostadas de frijoles and guacamol, my comadre made lots of tortillas con chicharron and frijolitos con queso (pupusas)
    I think that the people that enjoyed more our food were the anglo.
    So looking at your post makes me so happy thinking that the great time we had that day letting all enjoy our exquisit finger food.

  • THIS LOOKS NASTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • daisy

      have you tried it??????