Guatemalan Cuisine: Tacos

Guatemalan Cuisine: Tacos

Tacos is yet another word shared by the Guatemalan and Mexican gastronomy. If you’re accustomed to Mexican dishes, you have to be careful when ordering your meals in Guatemala because, unless you’re in a Mexican restaurant, often the names of food refer to totally different dishes.

Okay Rudy, I am vaguely understanding what you saying here; is there any chance you give us some examples?

Sure, here are some photos and description of Guatemalan meals which have nothing to do with the Mexican name you’re familiar with: Tacos, Tostadas, Enchiladas, Quesadillas, Ceviche, Chiles Rellenos, Tamales, Mole, and Pepian just to name a few. I am sure I am missing many more and I will need your help to give other examples which scape my memory at the moment.

Guatemalan tacos are rolled tortillas with a filling in the inside and then fried, like tostadas. Guatemalan tacos are normally served with steamed cabbage, guacamol, tomato salsa, chile sauce, ground dried or fresh Guatemalan cheese, onions and freshly chopped parsley (any ingredient can be left off at your request). In other words, very similar to tostadas and dobladas (turn overs). Tacos are normally found at the refacción time along with atoles, tostadas, chuchitos and rellenitos.

Bon appetite!

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  • Andi

    Esas serían flautas en México. Ay, que hambre me dio!

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    Thanks Rudy because you are helping me to explain my foreigners friends the wide variety of guatemalan meals or guatemalan cuisine. Really, you are doing an excelent work with the details on it. ¡Thank you very much again!

  • Raidar

    Yes a big thanks indeed. I somehow didn’t take many pictures at all when I was in the Peten last year and this helps. As well it looks delicious and makes me home sick for Guatemala!

  • Raquel

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    As always, Rudy, I am totally enjoying your food series! Thanks!!!

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