Mermaid from Fountain at Antigua’s Central Park

Mermaid from Fountain at Antigua's Central Park

To answer MO’s questions: There are four identical mermaids (sirenas in Spanish), give or take the normal wear. These are not the original mermaids designed by Arquitecto Mayor Diego de Porres in 1738-1739; these are new replicas. You can find the original mermaids inside the Museo de Armas (Old Weapons Museum) right across Central Park, on the north side.

You can click the picture below to see the mermaids as they stand inside la Fuente (llamada de las sirenas) de la Plaza Mayor or Fountain (called of the sirens) at the Main Square.

Fuente de las Sirenas en Antigua

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  • MO

    Thank you for the picture and the explanation on La Fuente De Las Sirenas. I’m sure these mermaids make a lot of people giggle (specially kids) when they walk past them.