Ceviche Automobile Stand in Antigua

Ceviche Automobile Stand in Antigua

Oh the economy is hitting hard. People are trying to make ends meet. Some throw themselves to the streets to sell whatever they can. A ceviche stand is great option for generating additional income on the weekends since all you need is car or bicycle, a vinyl sign and a few stools.

Oh, how I wish there were golden parachutes for the rest of us.

How are you making ends meet?

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  • Claudia

    hey, it’s creative and an honest way to earn some cash.

  • Stay with the budget and don’t spend excessively. Other than that we still do pretty much what we want to do. 🙂

  • Ale

    Don’t buy what I don’t need!! 🙂

    Just thinking about buying ceviche out of the back of a truck makes my stomach hurt.

  • I think honest people are looking for a way to earn a little extra. Many people try to do their best and use their sources in a good way; but I think that she would do much better if she sells at the stadio.