Obama Shows Up in Antigua Guatemala Again

Obama Shows Up in Antigua Guatemala Again

I don’t know how Barak Obama does it, but he shows up everywhere! Obama showed up in La Antigua Guatemala for my birthday. More recently, Obama appeared in billboards inside a video game for the iPhone/iPod Touch (remember I received one as my birthday present from my sisters). Now Obama showed up again in La Antigua Guatemala, right outside of my office; I even got one of those Obama button you see in the picture above. Thanks! you know who you are.

To quote a recent article on Reuters: “Unprecedented in US presidential politics” (or anywhere I may add). I have to tell you that Obama did pull an ace off his sleeve with the campaign advertisement inside the game. All the blogs and twitters in Spanish-speaking world were talking about it. The same for the English-speaking world of blogs and web sites.

I don’t know about the other guy running for president of the U.S.A., but I can tell you the general perception among young and not so young adults is that he looks very old, antiquated, outdated, too much of the same thing; kind of like he belongs the the past century. [UPDATE: And I am not taking about his age.] That’s what I perceive from all the buzz around the web in English and Spanish. What are your perceptions?

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  • patsy p.

    mcCain is old and senile like me, only difference is I KNOW I AM!

  • @Patsy, I really appreciate all the wonderful feedback you leave at La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo. Honestly, I consider you a very good friend and not senile at all.

  • patsy p.

    I appreciate that but when people get my age they need to reast and try to not be some thing they are not. McCain is to old to be president.

  • Raquel

    To be honest, I am not a follower of politics, and I have no idea if mcCain would be a good president or not, but I know that this should have nothing to do with his age!
    I know many lovely elderly people whose wisdom I wish could be taken by governments and put into practice. Their insight would do wonders for people all over the world. …On the other hand, I know elderly people who believe their stuffed animals are alive and their insight might have us all wearing underwear on our heads!
    Wether McCain is fit to lead or not I have no idea, but just because he is older than Obama does not disqualify him. The insights and wisdom he offers and the faults he might have are more appropriate data for forming a judgement – as it ought to be with Obama and all future political candidates.

  • Don B.

    I second Raquel.

  • I third Raquel.

  • I fourth Raquel.

    Okay, let me explain further. I do not know the age of the candidates and when I mentioned that the perception on the web is “… very old, antiquated, outdated, too much of the same thing” I was not referring to his age, but his way of handling things. I hope that’s clear now.

  • Catherine

    I am so excited for this election – and for the future of the USA and the world. Barak Obama truly inspires “hope” for the future.
    John and I will be in Guatemala ( La Antigua ) for the election… looking forward to celebrating the results with you and raising a glass to toast the future. Si se puede!

  • The only people I have heard object to McCain being president b/c of his age are.. people his age. They know the feelings of forgetfulness, fatigue, and other age-related limitations on a person, and if they think he’s too old to be president, then he probably is. However, I would never favor dismissing a person’s ability to do a job based upon his or her age, since we all can learn a ton from older people, and for many other reasons too. Anyway, there are plenty of reasons for me to favor Obama for the job, so age really isn’t high on my list of objections to McCain.

  • Rob

    Of all the wonderful things the USA has to export, I apologize to Guatemala for exporting Senator Obama.

    Great picture!

  • MO

    I fifth Rachel.

  • MaggieD

    …”the other guy running for pres” – my thoughts exactly and I think your observation was good. For me? It wouldn’t be a bad thing if he won, because then I would for sure move to LAG. (from a not-so-young adult)

  • Well, I am not to close to the campaing but interested in it. I live in the US and my comment does not have anything to do with the candidates ages but their vision. I believe that since McCain is a republican he shares many phylosofies of the republican party which is the party that is in the white house now so I guess if (God hopes not) he wins the elections then it will be other four years with the same or close to the phylosofies of the party we have now.

  • NAP

    it seems like McCain likes war conflicts a little bit. Also, lately he is looking a little racist… I recommend you to read “McCain, The Myth of a Maverick”

  • Claudia

    you make a great point Rachel, I hadn’t thought about it myself in that way. I think at least for me personally the age thing is worrysome only because if something were to happen to McCain while he is in office (if he won) then Sarah Palin would be President, nothing against her as a woman, but her views (my op) are so distorted. Though after this current administration I don’t know that we can do any worse, things can only get better, right??? :/

  • De acuerdo, Nadia. Y, vi tu blogita, es muy linda. Thank you for taking the time to make it bi-lingual, I know that’s not easy!

  • Raquel

    Hmmm, that is a good point as well Claudia…I don’t often think of looking at things like that during elections, but it is important to think through all aspects of your vote. Very wise.
    on a seperate topic, with all this buzz about the american election, does anyone have any opinions about the Canadian election that seems to have gone on completely below the radar (even in Canada!)…

  • emromesco

    @Raquel, Pues as a proud Toronteco I exercised my right to vote last Tuesday and one thing for sure, being a Toronteco, is that I did not vote Conservative. However, the results of the elections made me think that there is a chance that it is us in Toronto (aka the alternative centre of the universe) who are completely crazy for holding to ideals like social justice and environmentally sound policies and probably the rest of the country (particularly in your neck of the woods out west) is correct. On the other hand, a “new mandate” for the Conservatives might mean that when Obama wins down South there will be a safe haven for Republicans in the true white north.

    My two cents (or .018 USD)

  • lizbet

    no se el ingles, pero soy peruana, y el logo de la ropa del señor dice PERURAIL, supongo que es alguien que trabajo por aca en Perú, me da alegria ver que conocen tambien mi pais y veo que Guatemala es muy linda

  • Joan

    I sure am happy with the election…not ecstatic….I wish that the vote count had been 70% to 30%, But it wasn’t. But good enough. A miracle… a real miracle, I’m almost ready to believe in the US. I was investigating LaAntigua as my exit strategy in case the elections went a different direction.

  • lichi

    ok its been aweek but about the election in atlanta ga thereis plenty of guatemalans that did not vote for obama mccain here got the majority of the vote iam disapointed that he did not win but now i will still hug my elephant you democrats can kiss you ass.love lichi