Guatemalan Cuisine: Platillo Tí­pico

Platillo tí­pico at La Casa de las Mixtas

Platillo tí­pico (typical dish) is the name given to any meal that normally has at least two of the following: chirmol (Guatemalan tomato-based sauce), platanos fritos (fried plantains), frijoles negros (black beans blob), queso o crema (Guatemalan fresh cheese or cream) and guacamol (avocado sauce). With the elements you can turn a regular breakfast into a “typical” breakfast. The same goes for lunch and dinner.

The platillo tí­pico you see above sells por Q30 at La Casa de las Mixtas. Bon appetite!

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  • Eso me llega!! Ahora ya se donde darme la vuelta… vamos a “La Casa de las Mixtas” Gracias por el buen consejo Rudy fijo que tengo que ir

  • The platillo típico really looks well prepared and delicious. I’ve only seen your country from the inside of the GC airport, but do hope to visit someday.

  • As colourful and beautiful as it looks, i would die if i had to eat this for breakfast every day 🙂

  • raidar

    Makes me jealous yet again. You are one lucky diner most days! I still miss the food, and while I’ll be heading into Honduras in a few weeks, I can only hope the food will be as memorable as Guatemala.

  • raidar

    One other thing, It seems quite difficult to track down a Guatemalan cookbook here in Canada, and I’m curious if they are available in Antigua. I did not even think when I was volunteering in San Andreas, probably because I was always so full of delicious home made meals I didn’t think about cooking my own, and never made it to Antigua to check. Thoughts? and thanks in advance Rudy.


  • Wendy

    uy que rico, I’m hungry now!

  • erica

    rudy that looks really good!

  • I sooo want to eat that fried plantain. It looks delicious – and so does the rest of the platter. I think I am going to have to visit Guatemala now …!!

  • Julie

    Looks wonderful. I miss the food from there. I was so much healthier eating Guatemalan food

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