Guatemalan Cuisine: Fiambre

Guatemalan Cuisine: Fiambre

How can we go by Dí­a de todos los santos (All Saints’ Day) and Dí­a de los fieles difuntos (All Souls’ Day) celebrations in Guatemala without showing the world-famous and omnipresent dish of Fiambre. No way José, I would never do that, not for some crappy kites photos or commonplace shots of Volcán de Fuego erupting. Come on, you know me. I shared with you a Fiambre slide show in 2006 along with a pretty good explanation about its history and ingredients. Then, in 2007, I made available a Fiambre wallpaper for those who like really crazy stuff on their computers. 😉

So, of course I had to show you this year’s fiambre. Below you can read the list of ingredients if you click on the thumbnail. Bon appetite!

Guatemalan Fiambre Ingredients

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  • Rudy, Yum!! and Thanks for the ingredient list. That fiambre contains pretty much everything!

    I hope you were being sarcastic about your “crappy, commonplace” photos. They are mind-blowingly gorgeous, and a real treat.

  • susan

    Right, janna, i love the kite photos, they are beautiful and unusual to norteamericano eyes.

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  • Hello friends… awesome tradition, exotic dishes. Love your pictures.

    I’d like to request permission to run a photo/link from my blog featuring Fiambre and other articles/photos on your website for a Guatemalan-Style Cuisine online event with peers and colleagues. Please see intro.

    I thank you in advance and look forward to make Fiambre for family and friends on November 1, 2009, and for your worldwide readers, also “mis paisanos chapines”, in Toronto, Canada.

    In the spirit of New World Cuisine.