Gas Tanks are Ugly Too

Gas Tanks are Ugly Too

This is what Guatemalans think of when you utter Tanques de gas (gas tanks); it doesn’t cross their mind the fuel tank (gas tank) in the car. These stove gas tanks are ugly too and dangerous, if you ask me, to have around the house or on the street like in Calle del Arco. But, believe it or not, Guatemala does not have underground gas pipes going into each house. So people have live with this horrendous and risky gas tanks at home, sometimes right next to the stove.

Aren’t you glad the taxes you pay keep you in a safe and nicer environment?

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  • emromesco

    As the world turns to the left, Canada turns to the right and cuts in taxes means cuts in supervision, causing a propane gas explosion last summer. This one a really close one, closer than anything I had the opportunity of living in Guate on the quarter of a century I lived there.

  • maybe, but it’s a very nice photo, so colourful!