Chicken Bus Chronicles: DVD Players

Chicken Bus Chronicles: DVD Players

The world infamous chicken bus reinvents itself again. The chicken bus that was born out of a retired school bus from our neighbors from up north; a second life or recycling ( whatever you want to call it); transformed itself into a mass public transit bus for the rural areas of Guatemala.

Well, the chicken bus now sports a brand new dvd player to entertain the passengers while they are squeezed into space originally designed for two children that now fits three large adults. At least, we can watch music videos between paradas (bus stops) as long as we are not riding parados (standing up).

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  • Ashley

    The most shocking part about the chicken bus (to me), is not the fact that 3 large adults sit in one seat, or that chickens also enjoy the chicken bus, but that people stand in the doorways holding on for dear life while the buses whip around Guatemala.

  • I love her face! Great commentary on “technological” changes! 🙂

  • It’s kind of a shame to have the DVD player on board, when the best action is watching the ayudante duck in and out of the door and whistle at the other buses, and climb around on the roof, all while flying along at 70 MPH. Plus, I’d rather listen to some reggaeton or ranchera music blasting out of the CD player to help ease that feeling that a fiery death is imminent at every turn. Plus, I don’t like how the screen covers up the bendición. No sir, I don’t like it! I do like the photo, however 😉



  • Raquel

    I agree with janna…some how a DVD player on the chicken bus just seems contrary…

  • Claudia

    Oh Rudy how this pic fills me with endless nostalgia. That lady’s face could be my grandmother. Tomorrow is my birthday, yet another one away from the land of my heart. Please don’t misunderstand for I love what living in the US has provided me, it is a wonderful country with endless opportunities, but to me Guate and seeing pictures reminds me of simple times, simple pleasures, family, friends, nature, my heart will always be divided. Yet for everything I have here in the states, I feel were I to return I don’t know that it would be to the Guate I left, Gosh how I would love for time to have stopped and have Guate preserved just as I remember, though selfish on my behalf I could not think of a better time to return. Now if I could only make a living down there . . .that’s another story.

  • @Claudia, I wish you a very happy birthday surrounded with all your loved ones. By the way, your comment pointed me towards a photo I had taken the previous weekend as the next daily photo. Once you look at the entry for November 22, you may agree that, I think, I almost captured the essence of your comment.

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