What A Wonderful World!

What A Wonderful World!

… And I said to myself, what a wonderful world…

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  • Bueeeeeeniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiísima foto!!!!!!!! Felicitaciones!!!!!!!!! Allá te acompañan los volcanes, ah, dichoso!!!!!! ;O)

  • Matt

    Beautiful, but it’s missing something. I got it, it needs some powerlines. (J/K) This may be your best ever!

  • Gillian Hogarth

    You’re so right! And please keep up the good work – I keep meaning to write and say how much I appreciate my daily dose of great photos and thoughtful insights – I was particularly struck by yesterday’s about the drivers of chicken buses.

    I’m so grateful to you for bringing this wonderful add-on into the lives of so many people.


  • Juanfran

    … and I agree with you!
    What a wonderful world! a dark tree bending toward a smoking volcano, an orange Sunset to never forget!

  • erica

    i officially declare this my favorite photo out of all the photos on this site :0)

  • Raquel

    One word:


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