Cremas vs Rojos: Who Wants to Play

Cremas vs Rojos: Who Wants to Play

I am playing with the rojos, as always, so you play the cremas. 😉

If there are more people willing to play, we can form teams… don’t worry I will pay for all the games, no matter how many matches we all play. I am feeling a little kindhearted lately.

If you want to play, please sign up in the comments area. Also, if you want to explain the importance of los rojos and los cremas to everyone else, please feel free to do so. The ball is on your court.

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  • Claudia

    These two are part of the national team and tehy always play against each other in the clasico, sort of like the subway series between Mets vs. Yankees. (hey, this is the best comparison I can think of)

  • MO

    Los rojos de Municipal y los cremas de comunicaciones. Two Guatemalan soccer league teams that have a long history of rivalry. I used to root for los cremas but lost that passion many years ago. They both stink now! I’ll play a game of futillo but SPINNING is not allowed.

  • Erick

    I remember back in the days playing “charamuscas” (friendly games) with all of the other kids in the neighborhood. We’d pick the players and one team would be Los Rojos and the other would be Los Cremas. Good ol’ days.

  • My Dad is a big Real Madrid Fan, saw them in Guate back in the 50’s. So because the Jerseys color he became a Cremas fan; that’s who I grew up watching in the 70’s and 80’s. 100% Crema.

  • emromesco

    I used to be “crema” but probably I would go for Xibanajul if I were in Guate these days, just to go for the underdog.


    rojos suck cremas all day but yeah we have to admitt they both really suck Guate should be in el clasico para chupar (drink alcohol) I bet we win that lol Rum Zacapa que viva all day baby