Setting Up Shop for Christmas Season

Setting Up Shop for Christmas Season

So after the Burning of the Devil is over and the set up of the Nacimientos has already began, we can assume the Christmas season will be in full steam and that means the Guatemalan fairs will mushroom onto the main squares of every town and city.

In the picture above, we cought a glimpse at the final touches of a fair stand. If you blink again there will be a dozen more stalls and if you blink a third time you are going to wonder where all these people come from. 😉

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  • Gorgeous light and color.

  • MO

    What a beautiful shot! Love it. If I was in Antigua I would grab myself a hot cup coffee, atol or ponche and sit in front of this stall and just watch people go about their Xmas business. ***SUSPIRO***

  • MO

    Triangles: The man’s legs, the laddder, the stack of oranges. Nice symmetry.

  • Raidar

    As with the above comments. Great photo, what a show of colour.

  • Claudia

    I see naranjas con pepita in little plastic baggies. . . hmmmm.

    • Good eye Claudia… I see what you’re craving for.

  • Eric

    There you go again, Rudy – making me homesick for a place I’ve never lived. Typically, I stay in La Antigua for only a day or two before visiting friends in other parts of Guatemala. Last year (after a few days of Fernando’s cappucinos … Mmmmmm), I knew I needed to spend more time.

    Thank you for your insights into Guatemalan daily living – I think it’s great for those of us who love the people and the country, but have not grown up in Guate. And, as always, your “good thing I always carry a camera” shots are superb. Bravo !

    p.s. – Claudia, if you have an extra quetzal or two, maybe you can pass me a bag of naranjas con pepita ? Me encantan !

  • Hello from New York! That looks like a lot of fun. I love street fairs.

  • leslie

    Can someone please tell me where I can find the powder they use to make naranjas con pepita? In english what is pepita? And can I buy it in the states (California)?? I love that stuff!!!