Guatemalan Christmas Decorations: Chicuyas

Guatemalan Christmas Decorations: Chicuyas

Chicuyas is the name by which Guatemalans name the part of the pine tree, which I don’t its English name (can you help me with the English name for part of the pine tree). The pine tree provides many elements of the Christmas decorations for Guatemalans, like the pine needle that is spread on the floor as carpet. The pine needles provide an important aroma to the Christmas season in Guatemala.

Hey, it just occurred to me that Guatemalan Christmas Decorations could be a nice series. What do you think?

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  • Mary-Kate

    pine cones! and yes please – would love a series on christmas decorations

    • Pine cones, that’s it. Thanks! I don’t know why the word escaped from me just when I needed it.

  • Javier

    Great Idea…I am jealous, with all the cuetes going on xmas night…I missed them.

  • They are beautiful colors.

  • emromesco

    Pues a series on Christmas decorations has my vote. Do you happen to have a pic of a “chiribisco”?

    On an unrelated topic, your daily content rss feed is not working 🙁 thank goodness I have the comment rss to check on new postings.

    Saludos don Rudy.


    • @emromesco, thanks for letting me know about the broken feed. I always keep this website running with the most recent software and sometimes things break; I appreciate it very much when you guys let me know when something is broken. I have fixed the ress feeds and you should start receiving the daily updates again. 😉

  • si, si, si – that would be a great series. And thanks for the Guatemalan vocabulary which I find only on very rare occasions sited, Thanks, Shelley

    • @shelley rozell, so be it. We will have a Guatemalan Christmas Decoration series then.

  • Raquel

    Mmmmmm, the smell of pine needles really is the aroma of Christmas!

  • Chicuyas, wow, no sabía que se llamaban así, pero en inglés se llaman pine cones.

  • Cristina

    Ala mucha I need a foto de un chiribisco christmas tree para mi facebook page …. anyone tiene?

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