Guatemalan Christmas Decorations: Corderos de Tusa

Guatemalan Christmas Decorations: Corderos de Tusa

We’re Hombres de Maí­z. Follow the white rabbit and you’ll know why!

Corderos (lambs) made from tusa (dried corn husk) are very popular around the Christmas season. As decorations goes, these borregos (lamb) made from natural fibers from the dried corn husks can be found in windows, gardens, front yards, doorways, balconies; you name it and you will find carnero (mutton) there. Heck sometimes you find a whole rebaño (herd). In our home, we have four borregos, two in each balcony.

These corderos de tusa can set you back Q25 each; but they are a wonderful addition the Guatemalan Christmas decoration ensemble. Stay tune because there are about seven more photos in the Guatemalan Christmas decoration series.

Click the photos/thumbnails aside: I don’t know if it is obvious or not, but you can alway click the photos and thumbnails to get an enlarge version. Please, let me know, is it obvious?

Showing off the Husk Lamb

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  • That the pictures will be available larger seems pretty obvious, although it doesn’t actually say that anywhere… I’m very impressed with your site’s manner of displaying the larger images, just as I am with your photographs and descriptions…

  • muy buen trabajo realizado por los artesanos, sobre todo que está hecho en tusa, wow, impresionante.

  • Javier

    I really don’t remember this corderos from my childhood. They are very cool.

  • Claudia

    They did not have these when I was in Guate, but I have to say how very creative and ‘green’.

  • Marie

    I haven’t been in Guatemala now for 11 yrs.I grew up there, tho I’m not from there and I dont recall the little ‘corderos’ from my childhood but they are lovely. I came upon your site by pure chance. I was looking for the recepy for hilachas and that’s how I found this site. I find it very informative and interesting. I do miss the many ‘navidades’ I spent as a child in Guatemala, and I must say I got very homesick, my oldest daughter lives in Antigua and she loves it. I think I’ll be planing a trip soon. TY.

  • Ale

    Yea, it’s obvious.

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