Guatemalan Christmas Decorations: Musgo

Guatemalan Christmas Decorations: Musgo

Musgo is the Spanish word for moss. Musgo is used for the nacimiento scenes (nativities scenes) in Guatemala. You buy musgo by la medida (the bunch) for Q5; depending in the size of your nacimiento, you may need two or three bunches.

Come back tomorrow to learn about the Guatemalan moss known pashte.

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  • Elle est intéressante cette série de décorations de Noêl

  • MO

    What about los cuetes? It would not be a true Guatemala Xmas without los cuetes. As a kid I loved lighting firecrackers, morteros, canchinflines, bombas, ametralladoras, estrellitas…etc, etc, etc. Decorations were left for the adults to do but the cuetes were for the kids. Hope this tradition has not been categorized as not being “green”.

    • @MO, don’t worry about the cohetes… you can still hear them loud and clear, especially in Sacatepequez. I promise I will try to get a video for you guys.