Guatemalan Cuisine: Caldo de Res

Guatemalan Cuisine: Caldo de Res

Caldo de res (beef stock or stew) has to be among the most often eaten dishes in the Guatemalan cuisine. It is never absent from the Guatemalan daily menus of diners, fondas and restaurants. Like many Guatemalan caldos, it comes with carrots, corn on the cob, güisquil (chayote), ayote and chilacayote (squash), potatoes and beef. They usually serve caldo de res with rice, avocado and lemon slices. Caldo de res is often called “cocido” (cooked) in La Antigua Guatemala.

There have been 104 entries in the food and drink category thus far and I am sure I have not covered not even 30% of the meals in the Guatemalan kitchen. However, I do believe this Guatemalan food sampling is among the largest, if not the largest, available online. What do you think?

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  • I love your food pictures! I agree that it’s the best photographic collection online of comida chapina. Today’s foto is so inspiring, I think I’ll make caldo de res this weekend. Some of the pictures are kind of intimidating, because the food is so beautiful, I can’t imagine making anything like it (fiambre, por ejemplo). Your food fotos are a perfect compliment to my Guatemalan cookbook, False Tongues & Sunday Bread, which has no pictures but is a work of art nonetheless. ¡Buen provecho! pues.

  • Que difícil tu labor de fotografiar lo que te vas a comer, y realmente que buenos son esos caldos de res y con esta hambre que cargo justo ahora se mira aun mas apetecible.

  • Hola Rudy,
    Me tomé la libertad de publicar un artículo sobre tu impresionante listado de comidas y bebidas de Guatemala con sus respectivas fotos.
    Saludos y éxitos en el 2009.

  • Sandra

    Hey, there’s one thing I know how to cook. So far I have: failed pepian, imcoplete fiambre,and quit on tamales after seeing the list of ingredients. Had not been for the generosity of a fellow chapina in my office, I would have gone with out tasting tamales this year.
    Buen provecho Rudy.

  • Raidar

    I love the food pictures! Thanks again, it looks delicious.

  • Only to wish you a wonderful year. This has been and It is my favorite page.

    A big hug!!!

  • cynthia

    Your fotos of Guatemalan comida are all delicious. It has been a little over a year
    since I visited Guatemala, and La Antigua, and each day your fotos keep enticing me
    to return.

  • I just found your site and I’m so thrilled to see someone take time to share with the rest of the world the wonders of our country, it’s people like you that make me proud of being a chapina!

  • Aura

    Ok, tomorrow i’m making this dish. Where can I get the recipe for the other dishes?

  • and then you get to eat your picture. Yum! Shelley

  • Ale

    This is my favorite dish to make and it’s a staple here at home. I love the colors and aroma of the caldo- buena foto. Me da hambre.

  • Raquel

    Haha, yo tambien!

  • this food is the best in the world!! wow esta comida es la mejor del mundo, la amo y lo mejor que es de Guate!!!


    • @Lesther, ya voy cachando que comidas te gustan. 😉