Casa Antigüeña: The Stairway Details

Casa Antigüeña: The Stairway Details

In this photo you can see how some simple details and their repetition turn a utilitarian architectonic device like the stairway into a gorgeous piece of every-day beauty. You take the bare stairway, add the martirinado effect (hammered and chipped-away) to the huella (the run), some repetitive patterns in the form of ceramic tiles to the contra-huella (the rise) and the zócalo (the skirting or baseboard) and you finish it with a very pleasant martirinado forged metal handrail and you’re set to go up and down with style!

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  • Truly wonderful photos. All are interesting architectural details or of spaces that make me want to go there. I have not yet been to Guatamela but plan to do so soon and your photos motivate me to get there. I will be back. Great website.

  • elenka

    Love the lines in this photo. Very nice composition.

  • cynthia

    Sencilla y bonita…. I truly appreciate my visits to the site everyday. It helps me get through these frigid, blustery,
    snowy days of mid-winter where I live.

  • What a great series, Rudy! I absolutely love your site. I’m not sure when I’ll be back to La Antigua next, so your posts keep me up to date and in awe of the beauty that is there.

  • A beautiful design. I like it.

  • very pretty!

  • @Julie, what are you waiting for… reserve your plane tickets right away. The Holy Week season is just around the corner. You won’t be disappointed.

    @Elenka, thank you for your kind words.

    @Cynthia, that’s the idea. These photos are like chicken soup. 😉

    @Holly, well, thanks for you nice feedback. Please, do look me up next time you visit.

    @Mike, me too.

    @Jazzy, thanks for the visit. Long time no see.