Casa Antigüeña: The Spiral Stairway

Casa Antigüeña: The Stairway 3

In this escalara de caracol (winding staircase) you find the same repetitive azulejos (ceramic tiles) found in the stairway details photo from yesterday.

And I wonder aloud, how can things so simple be so beautiful? ¡Qué alguien me lo explique!

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  • Hi Rudy, I think it is because it IS simple and also repetitive with judicious use of color. The eye quickly makes sense of this pattern easily. Also the darker blue azulejos on the wall give the scene just enough “pop” to enhance the spiral of the stairs. Beautiful!! Shelley

  • Mr. Krabs


  • Gotta love those cute, details on the spiral stairs. It gives that beautiful Mexican accent, together with that clear, white wall. The molding at the bottom of the wall adds great accent to the whole theme as well.

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