Casa Antigüeña: Volcán de Agua View

Casa Antigüeña: Volcán de Agua View

It is quite obvious that when one lives in the land of the eternal spring, one would like to have a nice rooftop living room to enjoy all the wonderful sunsets and fresh air. But what if the land of the eternal spring also came with astonishing panoramic views of three volcanoes, one of them active and such an exhibitionist, what is one to do with such dilemma?

What would you do in such a place?

Casa Antigüeña: Volcán de Agua Panoramic View

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  • Wow. What a fabulous view! But an active volcano? Scary!

  • Do people actually do real work in Angtigua (haha). I don’t know what I would do.

  • Amazing photo Rudy! I would paint all day long with a view like this one.

  • norm kwallek

    I asked a man at the beach where the big black rock came from and he pointed toward the north and he said,”volcano”. That bad fellow can spit them out a long way.

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  • @Hilda, actually Volcán de Agua is not active. Volcán de Fuego is the active volcano and it’s located about 20 miles away from Antigua.

    @Javier, work? What do you mean? 😉

    @Jenn Klee, I am sure you would paint a lot because the weather permits it most of the time.

    @Norm, I am sure they were referring to Volcán de Fuego which normally spits its discharges towards the South.