Casa Antigüeña: Volcanoes Panoramic View

Casa Antigüeña: Volcanoes Panoramic View

Well if the panoramic view of one volcano is astonishing, the view of two volcanoes, Fuego and Acatenango, is breath-taking, especially at sunset and when Volcán de Fuego is putting up a show.

Just give me a hot cup of authentic chocolate from Antigua or a cup the best coffee in the world (from La Antigua Guatemala, of course) a let me be blissful while I listen to the sounds of the near-by fountains and contemplate the sun slipping away behind the silhouettes of Fire and Acatenango volcanoes.

Life is too damn short not to enjoy this glorious eternal Spring weather all year long; especially in Winter. Do you care to join me?

Wanderlust 2009 Travel AwardsThe readers of the prestigious Wanderlust Magazine, the magazine for people with a passion for travel, have awarded the 2009 Top City Prize to La Antigua Guatemala. Below you can read the news advance about the awards. Japan grabbed the Top Country award.

Antigua in Guatemala grabbed the Top City accolade, beating Luang Prabang in Laos, winner for the previous two years. (source: Wanderlust Magazine)

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  • Eric

    Right now, Rudy, I am busy shovelling snow, but in June, I will gladly join you for a cup of coffee (Ferrnando’s!). La Antigua is too beautiful to stay away from for very long. Maybe the snow in Massachusetts will be gone by June, maybe not ? Ja-ja-ja

  • Lucky

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! No more words.

  • erica

    oh man i’d love to be there right now! We’re getting rained on over here in California.

  • Raquel

    Yup, I’d be there in a heartbeat if I could!

  • cynthia

    The more often I visit your site, the more I would like to return to visit La Antigua again. You are so right about life being too short. Like Eric, I am shoveling snow and ice
    and wondering if I wasn’t born in the wrong country………

  • I think Guatemala is beautiful in so many ways!

  • @Eric, I feel for you. Snow is wonderful for a vacation or skiing, but it is a hustle to deal with in a daily basis. Weather is been pretty chilly in the last couple of weeks here in La Antigua Guatemala. I will sure take you up on the offer of cup of coffee at Fernando’s.

    @Lucky, that’s right, beautiful.

    @Erica, what’s holding you back… La Antigua Guatemala awaits for you.

    @Raquel, there are many reasons that make La Antigua Guatemala appealing, the wonderful sunsets is just one of them.

    @Cynthia, you can live anywhere you please, but you have to really strong will to getaway. I know it’s possible because I did it! I recommend that you watch Revolutionary Road.

    @Christy, I agree with you whole-heartedly.

  • Thomas Wheeler

    Rudy All these photos this time of year make me want to be in Antiqua I’ll see you after March 22 ? You said you would be around? Thanks for all the work your doing on this project Sincerely Thomas Wheeler

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