Casa Antigüeña: The Pila

Casa Antigüeña: The Pila

The pila is basically a Guatemalan home staple. Normally the pila design has a water tank in the center and two sinks, one on each side of the water tank. One sink is for hand-washing your laundry and thus its surface is ribbed. The other sink is for doing dishes and the surface is smooth. There is a water faucet somewhere near the water tank to fill it up. Now, Guatemalan pilas are not as beautifully designed as the pilas found in La Antigua Guatemala; don’t you agree?

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  • That’s a pila you actually want to show off, not like the awful things we have in the capital and try to hide among all the plants in the backyard!

  • Stephanie

    Given the fact that the home has a modern kitchen, is the pila actually used for its original purposes or is it ornamental?

  • Sarah

    I really enjoy this series, but would much rather see a typical house in Antigua. This seems like a very affluent family, not representative of the middle class (the tiny population that it is), let alone the poverty-stricken majority. Could you show us a more average, perhaps middle class, home?