Guateflora: Jacarandas

Jacaranda at Antigua's Main Plaza

Interesting enough, last year when I published the Guateflora series, I overlooked the jacaranda trees, which are omnipresent in and around Antigua Guatemala. Although, I did show you the Jacarandas at Antigua’s Central Park almost two years ago, on February 22nd, 2007.

Well, perhaps it is the fact that gorgeous pale violet colors of the jacarandas trees are more obvious in February, just in time for the beginning of the Lent season in which one starts to see doors and windows adorned with purple or violet bands. Purple is the official color of the Lent season; do you know why? Do a search in the archives for the answer.

Anyhow, as I took the shot of the group of young tourist walking around Antigua’s Main Plaza, I noticed the splendid pale violet color of the jacaranda tree framing the photo and I figured I ought to take a few shots for you to enjoy the delightful play of the violet color, branches, sunlight and sky. I am sure some the recent photos would look wonderful as 8×10 or 11×14 high quality prints in your office, cubicle, or at your workstation at home. Get your prints while to help you cope with winter season! 😉

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  • Hi Rudy, Thanks for the picture of the Jacaranda in bloom, (especially appreciated when one lives in the land of snow and ice). Rudy’s photos do look great on our walls. They are very high quality prints and spark lots of conversations about Guatemala. Take care!

  • Impresionante fotografía! la jacaranda combina con el cielo celeste de nuestra amada Guatemala.

    Muy bella foto.

    Saludos Rudy!

  • shula

    i absolutely love jacarandas they are on almost all the streets in Pretoria South Africa and when they flower ( in september/october) the whole city is so beautiful! i love your blog, oneday i hope to make my way up to guatemala until then your blog will do!

  • @Shelley, believe it or not, I was thinking of you when I took the photo and your snow shoveling. 🙂

    @Lesther, me mucho gusto que no sólo la gente que está enterrada bajo varias pulgadas de nieve pueda disfrutar de las hermosas flores de jacaranda. Saludos.

    @Shula, well, I trade you a trip to Guatemala and lodging for a trip to South Africa and lodging as well. What you say?

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