Framed Moon in Antigua Guatemala

Framed Moon in Antigua Guatemala

Greed and ambition do not know of any limits. That’s how we got ourselves into the present economic crisis… sure the free market will police itself and the chief executive officers will regulate their corporations to not be as profitable as they could in favor of a more stable and fair marketplace. Yeah right Alan Greenspan.

Well, the same greediness and ambition is getting to me. I began framing a human shadow, then I’ve got lucky at framing an entire street from Antigua Guatemala. Well, why not frame the moon, really, why not. See, I am getting greedy. Who knows what I am going to frame next. I am telling you, my avarice knows no limits! 😉

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  • Thomas Wheeler

    Do not sent any more photos until I get home from Antigua, April 1st. Thank you. Thomas Hope to see you after the 22

  • Ay Rudy, que bella esta foto. Me encanta la luna. Tus fotos de las lamparas siempre me fascinan.

  • very nice pic of framed moon. perfect timing!

  • Greed and ambition got us…indoor plumbing, electricity, the automobile, the internet. Oh, sorry, did I just crash the Marxist parade?

    • @Mark, tell that to thousands of homeless who lost their homes and the now unemployed who have lost their jobs recently, especially those living in Tent City, California. 🙁