Antigua’s Style Lamp Silhouette

Antigua's Style Lamp Silhouette

I just love the dry season that goes from late October to late April in Guatemala, also known in Guatemala as Summer even though it actually spans part of Fall, the entire Winter and half of the Spring season. Go Figure!

The weather is wonderfully cool, literally and figuratively. There is no rain. The sky turns orange at every sunset.

The best holidays are observed during the dry season: Dí­a de muertos, Thanksgiving, Dí­a de Guadalupe, Posadas, Christmas, New Year, Dí­a de Reyes, Carnival, Festival de Cultura Paiz, Festival Internacional de Jazz en Antigua Guatemala, Lent and the Holy Week.

What else can ask for during the dry season, really?

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  • Los colores son excelentes igual que la silueta que forma el contraluz. Buena foto.

    Como sugerencia, al menos una vez a la semana o al menos deberías de lanzar un “detrás de cámaras” de ADP. Algo como las especificaciones de la cámara, o cómo convences a la gente para que se deje tomar fotos porque me imagino que no es al estilo j_aroche jeje


  • erica

    ooooh, nice colors!

  • Joy

    Commenting on the above…Guatemala only has 2 seasons…Rainy and Dry season. Which translates to Summer and Winter. Fall and spring are not acknowledged. While it is a beautiful time of year the burning that goes on throughout the country during the dry season is devastating and a shame. Trees and other vegetation is disappearing and becoming an endangered species.

  • Love the color and the lamp’s silhouette in this one!