Lent Decorations over Doorways

Lent Decorations over Doorways in Antigua Guatemala

I really like the Lent decorations you find over doorways and windows in La Antigua Guatemala. Lent or Cuaresma in Spanish is the penitence period observed for the 40-something days before the Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala. Besides decorating doorways and windows with violet or purple bands and ribbons, there are weekend processions.

The picture above was taken at the main entrance for Casa Santo Domingo, the only 5-star hotel in La Antigua Guatemala. Next time you visit Antigua Guatemala, don’t forget to pay a visit to Casa Santo Domingo which houses besides the hotel, a restaurant, the Santo Doming ruins, museums, art galleries, antique stores, tastefully lit gardens and more. I will add Casa Santo Domingo to my to do list of photo series for 2009. Stay tune!

By the way, if you are coming to Antigua Guatemala during Lent or the Holy Week, you should make your hotel reservations with plenty of time since most of the hotels experience full capacity. Don’t forget to check out the Premium sponsor hotels on the sidebar and please let them know you were referred from AntiguaDailyPhoto.

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  • thanks for sharing these Lent decorations. You have an excellent photo today of the decorations with color and interesting architectural details.

  • sjbj

    Does anyone know what those flowers over the doorway are called? The bright fuschia ones? I saw them all over when we were in Guate., but never learned the name.

  • sjbj

    Thank you!!

  • Thomas Wheeler

    In my many years of going down there I was always taken by the doorways Leaving here in the morning and be down there Wed, night Sincerely Thomas

  • Rudy, Lent is exactly 40 days, which is what the Spanish term for lent, Cuaresma, references. Some people are confused because they look at the calendar from Ash Wednesday to Easter and count more than 40, but Lent doesn’t start until sundown on Saturday before the first Sunday of Lent, and ends on Holy Thursday before the Mass commemorating the Last Supper.

  • Thanks for the photo of Casa Santo Domingo, Rudy! My husband and I were so enchanted by the hotel the first time we visited Antigua that we splurged and stayed there on our most recent trip. I would love to see you do a photo series of the hotel! The best part is the way it is lit up at night. You should include music, so everyone gets the full effect!

  • Fabulous colours, brilliant light and a gorgeous doorway! Congratulations on a great photo.