House Inside Coffee Plantation

House Inside Coffee Plantation

Besides the Canopy Zip Lines tours you can find at Finca Filadelfia, in Antigua Guatemala, there are all kinds of activities to do there. For one, you can take a coffee tour to learn all the processes that take the coffee bean from the tree all the way to the cup.

You can also dine inside the premises of Finca Filadelfia coffee plantations, one of the original coffee plantations of Guatemala, established the 1800s. I heard very good things about the weekend brunch they serve at the Cafetenango restaurant and, of course, the Finca Filadelfia coffee is superb.

They also offer mountain tours, mountain biking, mule riding, birdwatching, tennis courts, canopy zip line tours and a few other activities. Of course, my favorite activity inside Finca Filadelfia is to take photos of the unprecedented access one gets to all the premises of an original, authentic, still in operations coffee plantation.

I wish this was my house, don’t you wish this was your house?

Come back the day after tomorrow if you want to see how the coffee beans are dry with nothing but the sun over the terraces.

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  • Eric

    Oh, quiero vivir en esa casa !!!!
    Well, Rudy, I have no idea what the difference is between a chevere and a shuco – when I am in Guatemala, I always forget what the food items are called. I usually let my eyes order for me, as in, <> However, on my next trip I will try to visit a coffee plantation. Since the coffee is so good, I may never leave! Ja-ja-ja!

  • m_m

    Beautiful place!