Guatemalan Fruit: Mango de pashte

Guatemalan Fruit: Mango de pashte

Guatemalan produces several kinds of mangoes (dozens really), but by far mango de pashte (loofah mango) or mango de leche (milk mango) as it also known, is considered the best by the majority of Guatemalans. Interesting enough, I had never had mango de pashte outside the Guatemalan borders. I don’t know if the other mango-producing countries have them; does anybody know?

I am sure many Guatemalans living abroad, right about now, will be craving to have one or two of the mangoes you see in the photo above. Please, you know who you are, come forward and let us know about your cravings and desires and please don’t tell me mango no come mango! 😉

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  • shay

    When i think of Guatemala I think of all the wonderfull fruits that i haven’t tried in 29 years. I miss them so much. Do you have a picture of a Jocote? Shay

  • @Shay, actually I have several photos of jocotes. Check them out!

  • Claudia

    HMMM, I remember there are several ways to eat a mango . . . . I remember it was such a treat – my mom would give me one sometimes as an afternoon snack – or we would have one for ‘dessert’ after lunch. I love how you can see the glaze on these.

  • Brad Walters

    They have these in India too. There, they are called “sucking mangoes” for obvious reasons. I found them once in Missouri, USA, too!