Holy Week: Women’s Float

Holy Week: Women's Float

You normally see men carrying the big heavy processional floats or andas as they are known in Guatemalan Spanish. You can browse the Processions category to see the huge Holy Week floats for which La Antigua Guatemala is famous for. However, behind the massive floats there are, almost always, smaller floats carried by women. Today’s entry shows you such women’s float; and quite small to be honest.

Hah, and you thought men were the only who were penitent during Semana Santa in Guatemala.

If you were in La Antigua Guatemala for Lent or the Holy Week, would you buy a turn to carry the float?

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  • Erick

    I guess women don’t wear the purple outfit/robe that men wear (the hooded ones)? Perhaps not for this particular procession.

    Some of those ladies might actually be wearing heels…

  • Thomas Wheeler

    The Lady’s carry the Virgin Mary a smaller float all 6 days of Holy Week Each carries it two blocks and another group takes over . and it goes for many hours of the day.
    Sincerely Thomas

  • Kim

    I love your daily photos. They are so beautifully genuine and bring me great pleasure. Thank you for posting them.

  • @Erick, I believe that most of the young women were wearing tacones (high heels) and what better way to show your penitence than to carry a massive float under 95˚F temperature over cobblestone paved roads. By the way, the purple-robes-wearing men are known as cucuruchos.

    @Thomas, thanks for the explanation about the Virgin Mary float.

    @Kim, thanks so much for your kind words. You MADE my day! :-))

    @Everyone, I often look at the stats to make sure things are running smooth and out of curiosity, however, your comments are really what makes publishing the daily photo worth it and they are far more important to me that the stats ever will.