Holy Week: The Photographers

Holy Week: The Photographers

click, click, click, click click click, clicks, click.

See, if it does NOT matter how much effort I put into documenting the Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala for you, I always miss something important. Can you believe this the third year I am covering the Semana Santa in Antigua Guatemala and I have not mentioned once that among the millions of people, quite possibly, half of them are photographers or carrying a camera.

Well, just now it occurred to me, I should at least show you a couple of shots with photographers and their vantage points.

Now, who can tell me where were these photos taken? I will send you via regualr mail a 4×6 post card photograph taken from this vantage point if you can tell me the name of the place. Local residents are not allow to participate.

Holy Week: The Photographers 3 Holy Week: The Photographers 2

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  • Seems like it’s a little over-run with photographers / tourists, which is sad in a way. I wonder if the locals participating in the parades and ceremonies etc resent them being there? Great shots though…

  • hahaha, my husband has a bunch of pictures and videos of the tourists taking pictures like crazy. however, i’m part of the deal. we literally took 600 pics and we were only there of ONE DAY!!!!!!
    The Travel Expert(a) and an Expat with a Twist

  • Catherine from Oregon

    I think it is Sky Bar…

  • Kim

    Thanks for the daily photos. My mom is visiting my brother there this week and it’s the closest I’ll get this year! It looks like the Sky Bar to me, too! (We were there for New Years)

  • Leanne

    Definitely Sky Cafe.

  • @Mark, I don’t think the locals resent it; they are already accustomed to the cameras and the photographers.

    @Marina, 600 photos, boy, you were trigger happy! 🙂

    @Catherine, I believe you are the winner. I will print the photo and have it ready for your trip in May. See you then.

    @Kim, come on down, there is plenty of Antigua Guatemala to go around. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do this year. 😉

    @Leanne, see, if you were following the updates in Twitter, RSS or Email, you could have been the winner. 🙁 Don’t wait any longer, subscribe today!

  • catherine from Oregon

    rudy – can’t wait to see you again.
    Staying at the Quinta – I will have Maximilon ( not sure of his name) dressed in his finest for you.

  • Great to spend time with you ”in the Sky”……I never expected to see myself on LAGDP!

  • @Michele, well, if you are in La Antigua Guatemala you are bound to appear in photos. I am glad you guys had a great time. Saludos

  • @Catherine, thanks about the offer of Maximon… I will make sure I take plenty of photos to do series on this particular Saint figure.