Holy Week: The Crowds

Holy Week: The Crowds

Oh yes, I had also forgotten to mention the superabundant crowds that you will find in La Antigua Guatemala during the Holy Week.

The normal peaceful and tranquil ambience of Antigua Guatemala completely disappears during the Semana Santa and instead, a noisy, crowded, chaotic, and stressful atmosphere can be perceived.

The crowds arrive from all over the world and somehow everyone finds lodging; although some make their reservation at least one year in advance. Keep that in mind if you want to come next year for the Holy Week; make your reservations right now.

Well, with these set of photos of people, we wave goodbye to the Semana Santa 2009 in La Antigua Guatemala. I do hope you have enjoyed the photos of the Holy Week as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

Tomorrow, we will board a time tunnel ride in La Antigua Guatemala; please make sure you have your pasaje en mano.

Holy Week: The Crowds 4 Holy Week: The Crowds 3

Holy Week: The Crowds 2 Holy Week: The Crowds 4

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  • Larry & Rosa

    Beautiful pics, the video from San Pedro Las Huertas makes you realize that you feel it more listening to the “marchas funebres”. Maybe next year. Don’t forget Corpus Christi in Patzun in June (Thurs. better than Sun, they do it twice)

  • …y llevo “sencillo” también!? 😉

  • @Larry & Rosa, okay, I will mark my calendar for a short trip to Patzún in June.

    @Andreita, claro que mejor que traigas sencillo, si no corres el riezgo de quedar atrapada en La Antigua Guatemala por siempre… 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I’ve seen a lot of photos of Semana Santa in LAG, but your photos do the best job of showing all the people, energy and noise around the parades. I especially like the photos of photographers!

  • @Stephanie, thanks for the great feedback. I am glad to know the photos did transmit the sounds, energy and people of the Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala.