Arch-framed Volcán de Agua

Arch-framed Volcán de Agua

Yesterday’s shot of the Arch of Santa Catalina was taken from the South looking towards the North, with the main dome of Iglesia de La Merced being framed by the arch itself.

Today’s vista shows you a view in the opposite direction. From underneath the Arco de Santa Catalina looking South, towards Volcán de Agua and most of the stretch of the 5a avenida norte known as Calle del Arco (Street of the Arch).

Can somebody tell us how long in blocks is Calle del Arco?

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  • I’ll guess two.

    What do I win?

  • Lisa

    I desperately want to be in Antigua right now. These recent photos are so beautiful that I feel like they are taunting me!

  • Santiago

    Rudy, Calle del Arco is 9 blocks long. Eight normal blocks and one long block.

  • what a gorgeous shot. you take amazing pictures, but this one takes the cake!
    The Travel Expert(a) and an Expat with a Twist

  • Erick

    Not that your other shots are inferior, but this is probably the best picture I’ve seen of this arch and the volcano. Imagine if there had been a rainbow out at the time you took this pic?

  • Beautiful shot!!

  • @Mark, I don’t think it’s two. Sorry, you did not win this time.

    @Lisa, that’s the idea, to taunt you into coming so you can experience La Antigua Guatemala for yourself.

    @Santiago, I believe you are also wrong. You probably counted all the blocks on 5a avenida and that’s how you came up with 9 blocks. I believe Calle del Arco begins at the corner with Central Park and ends at Iglesia de La Merced, which it would make Calle del Arco three blocks. 😉

    @Marina, hey, I want the cake. Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful feedback.

    @Erick, I can put a rainbow there, but then the sky would be cloudy and there will be no volcano. Do you still want the rainbow?

    @Candice, thanks.