Corner at Calle del Arco

Corner at Calle del Arco

Oh how I wish I could capture in images the feelings, the energy and the tranquil atmosphere one gets while strolling around Calle del Arco. This warmly-lit late afternoon shot is the closest I ever gotten.

Let me know what this images makes you feel?

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  • Valerie

    I have an oil painting that I bought while we were in Guatemala a year ago of almost the same picture!

  • @Valerie, I am sure any photo take at Calle del Arco has been already turned into a painting. 😉

  • Megan Schmidt

    This photo makes me wish so badly to be back in Antigua. So much so, that I looked up flights (and found a round trip for $114!)

  • I think you did a great job! I miss Antigua so much! I spent almost 2 months there last year about this time. I have been searching for recipes to make for our Guatemalan born daughter’s 1 year gotcha day and I came across your sight. I love it! I am adding a link in my blog so I can check back regularly!

  • Meg

    You’re right about the area…it is a calm place. And this picture definitely gives me that impression and makes me feel a certain way….not sure I could explain it.

    However, I did trip on the cobblestone there once and went completely down in the middle of the street. That was not very tranquil of me.